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At Argenta, we believe the journey to healthier animals begins with human relationships
That’s why we partner with veterinarians and pet owners like you, to participate in clinical studies. Together, we can research treatments and therapies that can improve the lives of animals today, tomorrow, and in the future.
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Veterinary Clinical Studies

Veterinary clinical studies are required to determine if a treatment is safe and effective for animals. They’re like human clinical studies, but involve collecting information from animal patients. The treatments and therapies will have already shown promising results that support the need for further evaluation, within a veterinary clinical setting.
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How we do it

Pet Safety is Our #1 Priority

At Argenta, the safety and well-being of your pet comes first. We only run clinical studies for treatments and therapies that have been thoroughly evaluated, and are backed by comprehensive safety research data. Before any clinical study begins, the study’s protocol is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that it's properly designed, and that any risks are minimised.

Watch a short video to learn how pets and their owners can benefit from participating in a clinical study.

Who Participates in Clinical Studies?

Pet owners can choose for their pets to participate in clinical studies for many reasons: they may be looking for an alternative treatment to their pet’s condition, or an advanced solution they may receive at no additional cost. They may also simply want to do their part in advancing animal health.
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Why Should I Participate?

There are many reasons to consider enrolling your pet in a clinical study:
  • Access to advanced veterinary care and therapies, at little or no cost.
  • The possibility — although not guaranteed — to improve your pet’s health.
  • The potential to be compensated for your time after the study is completed.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the advancement of veterinary medicine, for healthier animals around the world.
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